Mediterranean Destinations

Top 5 Places for the Best Mediterranean Resorts

The best Mediterranean resorts

Mediterranean resorts is a real paradise for tourists. Here the warm sun shines all year round and there is almost no exhausting heat. Most of the time flowering gardens, green parks, almost always can take sea baths.

Resorts of the Mediterranean Sea are famous for their well-equipped infrastructure, excellent service, unique architectural monuments and historical attractions, as well as many different festivals.

1. Portofino

This resort is located on the Italian Riviera. Many stars of show business and politics have been here and admired Portofino, its refined beauty and magnificent location. The bay of the same name looks like on the picture.

This city has long been recognized as one of the best resorts in the world, located on the Mediterranean coast. Many resorts imitate the image and style of Portofino, but nobody came close to its charm.

You can get here by plane, 40 km in Genoa is an international airport. From there you can get to Portofino by cab, rent a car or train, on the way overlooking the magnificent places. Ticket will cost € 4.

2. Cassis

This city about a hundred years ago was an ordinary village where fishermen lived. Cassis managed to get rid of the glamor that struck Cannes and Nice, and maintain the true, authentic spirit of southern France. Mass tourists rarely come here.

After World War II, Cassis became a favorite vacation spot for respectable Europeans. It is well known for its true aesthetic beauty and perfect peace. Here you may taste the best French white and pink wine.

3. Positano

This resort is located on the Mediterranean Sea, on the Italian Riviera, in a place well known for its picturesque rocks. But there are few sandy beaches. The resort itself is famous for its chic hotels and restaurants.

The closest airport is 60 km, near Naples. You can reach the resort by cab or rent a car. Also from Naples to Sorrento and further to Positano several times a day there are electric trains, Alilauro ferry, SITA buses.

4. Taormina

This city is located on the eastern coast of Sicily, it is a model resort of southern Italy. In recent decades, here often rest famous writers, poets, artists and other creative people in Europe, as well as bohemians around them.

It is one of the best five-star resorts in the Mediterranean, famous for its beauty, comfort, service, excellent sandy beaches and brilliant public since the 60s.

5. Naxos

This famous Greek island is decorated with ancient mountains and green valleys. Here you can find many cleanest sandy beaches. The islanders live a traditional, patriarchal life, as a hundred years ago, feeding from the earth.

But the local beauty, purity and fine Greek cuisine attract more and more respectable tourists, who discovered Naxos in the 70s. You can get here by ferry “Blue Star” from the port of Piraeus in Athens or by plane.

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