Sights of Bergamo: What to see in one of the most picturesque cities in Italy?

What to see in one of the most picturesque cities in Italy

Bergamo is a unique city, located in the Lombardy region in northern Italy, near Milan. Its upper and lower parts are separated by huge historic Venetian walls. In the Middle Ages, the city was very rich thanks to the treasures stored in it. This is not surprising, because it was the residence of the Dukes of Lombard. As a tourist destination, Bergamo perfectly combines historical architecture and iconic places of the Upper and Lower Town. Here are the main sights of Bergamo that you should see first of all.

Old square (Piazza Vecchia)

This stunning square is one of the main attractions of the historic Upper Town. It is surrounded by beautiful buildings, including the city tower, the magnificent Old Town Hall and the Kontarini Fountain. The square is surrounded by the attractions of the Old City.

Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Basilica was built for a long time, the works continued from the beginning of the XII century to the XIV century. The building’s facade has many decorations, and over the huge central luxurious window, there is a decorative element of colored marble. Two decorative porches are decorated with marble arches and magnificent Italian saint statues. Inside the Basilica there are a lot of different details and decorations, and the ceiling and arches are covered with colorful golden frescos.

Colleonie Chapel

On the right side of the Basilica is the Chapel of Colleoni, dedicated to Mark, John the Baptist and Bartholomew. This building was a later addition to the Basilica.

The chapel’s facade is magnificent. It is decorated with monotonous ornaments in pink and cream tones. The facade is crowned by a large dome with a hexagonal spire. Inside, there is a sacred altar dedicated to the three apostles. Their sculptures are also presented here.

Baptistery of the Blessed Virgin Mary

To the north of the Basilica is a unique Baptistery of octagonal shape. This architectural solution was not an ordinary element for buildings of this period.

In addition, the Baptistery was actually originally located inside the Bergamo Cathedral, but was moved to the street in 1659. Its design is quite impressive, and inside there are religious bas-reliefs, representing the life of Christ.

City Gate of Bergamo

The old city of Bergamo is surrounded by amazing Venetian walls with several gates, which even today are in excellent condition, despite their venerable age.

The gates of Porta San Giacomo stand out especially. This dazzlingly white marble structure was built in the 16th century and was part of the city’s defensive walls. The historical gate is decorated with a series of ornate columns.

Bergamo Cathedral

The cathedral was consecrated in honor of the patron of the city Alexander Bergamsky. The construction of the shrine, which adjoins the back of the old town hall, was started in the middle of the XV century. Inside there are works by Giovanni Battista Moroni, Andrea Previtali and other famous painters.

Venetian walls Bergamo

The old town of Bergamo was once surrounded by huge defensive walls. Most of this defensive structure still exists today. The wall was built in the XV-XVI centuries and had a typical star-shaped design with several pointed towers. The most impressive part of the wall is to the east of the San Giacomo Gate.

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