Places and attractions in the picturesque coastal village of Atrani

Places and attractions in the picturesque coastal village of Atrani

Atrani is not the first place that comes to mind when you think about Italian beach resorts. But it is a place that you should visit if you want to know what Italy really is. Despite the fact that Atrani is a short drive from Amalfi, a famous and noisy vacation spot, it remains untouched by mass tourism and is one of the most intimate secrets of Italy.

Atrani is a coastal fishing village with a population of less than a thousand people. It is sheltered on the border of two steep rocks on the Tyrrhenian Sea coast. Its row of colorful houses towers over a beautiful plot of unspoiled sand. This is one of the most idyllic and picturesque places in Italy.

Sites and attractions

With no change over time, Atrani is a place that awaits its study. You can climb the steps from the beach level and wander the narrow winding streets. There you will find thirteenth century baroque churches and squares with fountains. Know how to listen to the bell ringing from a sixteenth-century tower when it rings and interrupts the silence of siesta. Think about life over a drink on the terrace of a cafe on Piazza Umberto, the main square. If you have this strange deja vu feeling while you’re there, don’t be surprised. The picturesque streets of Atrani and the stunning coastline have been chosen for numerous films.

Why go there?

Atrani seems to be trapped in time, but nothing remains the same. When you go, do not expect modern and do not expect shine. Atrani is real Italian. The facades of houses in the square have their own unique beauty. Three or four floors high and with open shutters to catch a gentle breeze coming out of the sea, they look like a painting by Giovanni Colmo, filled with life. Full of character, they might not have stood the years like Sophie Lauren, but they are just as beautiful in their own way. Like a good wine, Atrani reached perfection.

Any photos of Atrani that you upload to Instagram will have a real heart and soul. Here you can see the peeling painting work: a time-broken woman in black sitting in an old chair at the front door or a lazy cat sleeping in the midday sun. Atrani is the place to experience Italy. Eat the same food as the locals, drink the same drinks and for the same price as for it. Does anybody need a better reason to go?

The best time to visit Atrani

Atrani has the same beautiful Mediterranean climate as the rest of the Amalfi coast. But, as everywhere else in the world, the weather in Atrani will never be a hundred percent predictable. To be able to explore in comfort and avoid peak summer temperatures, the best time to visit Athrani is in May or September.

Spring has favorable temperatures, which on average range from 12 ° C to 25 ° C. The sea is warm enough for swimming, and there are never any crowds on the beach. There is also an additional bonus of trees and flowers that bloom and fragrance the air. In autumn, even if locals wear their sweaters, the temperature remains at the level of the twenties. In late fall, unexpected heat can also occur, so if you plan to go on the road, make sure that you still have a lot of sunscreen.

How do I get to Atrani?

To get to Atrani, where you are on the Amalfi Coast, is a simple matter. If you packed comfortable shoes, flip-flops are not recommended, one of the best ways is to walk. From Amalfi, follow the promenade to Atrani. It will take about fifteen minutes. On the way you will get some sea air and a beautiful view of the coast.

From Ravelli, a three-kilometer trail leads inland through terraced vineyards and groves of lemon trees. It takes about half an hour, depending on how many times you stop to take photos. Be prepared to give your leg muscles training at the end. Before you get to the city, you should agree on a steep flight of stairs, about a thousand five hundred. You can also take a bus. The number 5110 goes every half hour back and forth between Atrani and Ravelli.

If you are further away in Positano, Minori or Salerno, try the local ferry to Amalfi and then continue on foot from there. From Positano the trip takes about half an hour and costs just over 9 dollars. This is a bargain and a great way to see the Amalfi coast from a different angle.

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