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Mediterranean Sea water temperature

Mediterranean Sea water temperature

The Mediterranean climate is one of the best on Earth, it is ideal for sea and sunbathing, enjoying tropical and subtropical nature. The Mediterranean Sea is a wonderful place for year-round recreation and tourism.


The warmest water in December, January and February is on the northern coast of the African continent: in Alexandria, Benghazi, Metsa Matrukh and others. At this time the water there warms up to +19C. Little is inferior to the eastern coast. In Haifa, Latakia, Beirut the sea warms up to +18C.

The sea is quite warm in winter on many famous Mediterranean islands: on the seaside beaches of Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes, etc. Our tourists, accustomed to the northern climate, at a temperature of +16C – +18C feel great at local seaside resorts, if there are no heavy rains.


In March and April the sea starts to warm up significantly. In mid spring comes the bathing season, as the water temperature reaches +20C – +21C. There are not many more tourists. Therefore, the beginning of the season is a great time for lovers of relaxation, who prefer it to parties, discos and nightclubs.

Warm sea water at this time can be observed in Italy, France, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia. And the coolest is on the eastern coast of Spain and in Catalonia; it’s a little early to go to the beautiful Barcelona. On the African coast, the sea gradually gets the warmth of paired milk.


Summer comes the High season, the Mediterranean resorts attract tourists from all over the world, in July and August all beaches are filled with tourists. In June, the sea water temperature warms up to +22C and above. On the African coast at this time – +23C – +24C.

Apogee comes in August, everywhere the sea is heated to the temperature of paired milk, tourists do not notice how they enter the water, the temperature of which reaches +28C – +30C. Thus there is no heat on Italian, French, Spanish, Greek resorts, excessive heat is extinguished by the sea.


From the beginning of September to the end of October, the velvet season reigns in the Mediterranean Sea. At this time the water near the seashore begins to cool down gradually, dropping to +25C. In November at many European resorts the sea cools down to +17 – + 20C.

On the Cote d’Azur, in the Adriatic Sea in Turkey at this time from +16C, tourists gradually go home. And in Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria; a great time for sea baths, here continues to reign the resort season; the water off the coast of Africa continues to warm up to +22C, and Israeli resorts are not behind.

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