Castles of Spain: 7 most interesting ancient structures

7 most interesting ancient structures

Spain is a sunny European country that attracts tourists by sea resorts, impressive architecture and stunning cuisine. There are a lot of historical sights, among which Spain’s castles stand out. These formidable fortifications have been guarding local residents for centuries, and even today they impress with grandeur, power, and luxury. There are a lot of castles in Spain, but our selection includes only the most interesting ones.

La Mota Castle

Castle La Mota is one of the most fortified and formidable bastions in Spain, which at its heyday was able to withstand a long siege. The powerful fortress was erected at the end of the XI century, and in the following centuries, it was completed and strengthened until it became the property of the royal family in 1475. It also housed a prison, whose prisoners were famous people.

Coca Castle

Coca Castle was built in the XV century by the Archbishop, who loved wealth. Probably, this is why it is so richly decorated, that little is known about it exclusively for military purposes. The grandiose structure was erected in accordance with Arab traditions and is an exceptional example of Mudejar style architecture.

Manzanares el Real Castle

The medieval castle, which is located in the town of the same name near Madrid, once belonged to the Mendoza clan is one of the most powerful families of medieval Castilla. The castle was conceived as the family’s residential palace, but in troubled times, it was decided to build a powerful fortification. Strict and gloomy outlines from afar seem like a sandcastle, but the first impression is very deceptive!

Alcazar in Segovia

The ancient fortress palace of the Spanish kings in Segovia towers on top of the mountain. It is one of the most beautiful and recognizable castles in Spain. Inside, the magnificent interiors of most of the epochs during which the castle existed are well preserved. Its luxurious halls, furnished centuries ago, still amaze the imagination today!

Ponferrada Castle

The medieval Templar Castle rises on a steep mountain slope above the River Sil in Ponferrada. Throughout its long existence, the castle has changed owners more than once, and each time it was strengthened and expanded. However, in the middle of XIX century, the ancient structure began to decline: the yard played soccer and grazed livestock, and the walls began to slowly disassemble on building materials. In 1924, after being declared a national monument, the restoration of the ancient fortress was started.

Butron Castle

Beautiful medieval castle rises spectacularly in the middle of a picturesque park. Once it was the official residence of the Catholic kings, and today the imposing Gothic fortress, where a hotel was located a few decades ago, is for sale.

Belmonte Castle

On the border with Toledo province is the medieval Belmonte Castle, one of the best preserved ancient castles in Castile-La Mancha region. The construction was laid by the Romans. It is believed that the first outpost appeared at this place in 1323, but the official date of foundation of the Castle of Belmonte is considered 1456. Anyway, this is one of the most famous castles in Spain.


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