Attractions of Messina: What to see in the city in the north of Sicily?

What to see in the city in the north of Sicily, attractions of Messina

The city of Messina is located in the north-east of Sicily, and is five kilometers from the Italian mainland. This part of the island has been inhabited since ancient times: it has always been an important port and gateway to Italy and the Mediterranean Sea. In 1783 a powerful earthquake has destroyed most of the city, and it took a long time to restore it. Today, it is still a prosperous port and is extremely important for the economies of Sicily and Italy. What are the attractions of Messina to see first?

Cathedral of Messina

Duomo is the main Catholic cathedral in Messina. It was built in 1551 by a famous architect from Florence. During World War II, the building was severely damaged, but later it was restored to its original form.

The inner walls of the cathedral are decorated with stone statues depicting various religious figures, and on the main altar there is a beautiful work of art with the image of Christ. Even the ceiling beams are decorated with patterns and colored tiles!

Cathedral Square

This beautiful square is one of the main attractions of Messina and is located in close proximity to the port. There is a richly decorated Orion fountain with many sculptures. There is also a cathedral and an impressive bell tower on the square.

Messina Bell Tower

The bell tower proudly towers next to the renewed Duomo. This huge structure consists of four separate tiers, and its upper part is a clock tower with a pointed roof. This is the largest astronomical clock in the world, which was manufactured in 1733 in Strasbourg. At noon you can see a procession of bronze figures, each of which has its own meaning.

Church of the Annunciation of the Catalans

Although this church is very small in size, it is an excellent example of Norman architecture. This landmark of Messina is one of the few preserved from ancient times: it was built by Norman conquerors in the XII century. Inside, the church is quite simple, but it is decorated with patterned brickwork.


Strangely, the beautiful Camposanto complex is a favorite recreation place for Messina’s residents. It is a monumental cemetery, where various structures and sculptures in the style of neoclassicism and art nouveau are placed. However, the complex is more like a public park and art gallery than a place of rest. In the central part are flower beds and fountains, and on top of the main hill is a colonnade.

Torre Faro

Torre Faro is a stunning coastal village located on the easternmost cape of land and rising above the Italian mainland.

Great beach with white sand is ideal for sunbathing. In addition, there is a lot of entertainment and places for water sports.

You should definitely visit the giant metal lighthouse, which is located on the edge of the beach. Its height is 225 meters.

Falkata area

On the edge of the main port of Messina is the business quarter of Falkata Zone. This is where commercial transactions are made.

Walking along the railroad, you can get acquainted with the daily work of the busy Mediterranean port. Large cargo ships, tankers and cruise liners constantly enter and leave the port.

When you reach the edge of the port, you will see a richly decorated lighthouse, which offers a stunning panoramic view of Messina. From here you can see the Cathedral and the bell tower.

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