Attractions of Malta: What to see in an island nation in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea?

What to see in an island nation in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea

It is not easy to list the sights of Malta; a small island state in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. And all because of their great diversity. Try to choose the best. There are perfectly preserved buildings, created many hundreds of years before our era. Modern tourists are interested in cozy cities with amazing architecture and beautiful beaches, but these places have attracted adventurers for centuries. Traveling around Malta will surely leave an indelible mark in your memory!

Mellikh’s Bay

Mellieha Bay, also known as Adira Bay, is the longest and most popular sandy beach in Malta. Nearby, on top of the mountain is the developing city of Mellieha. You can also visit the village of Popai, where in 1980 the famous film was shot, as well as the restored St. Agatha Tower, built in the XVII century.


On the island of Gozo, within the city of Victoria, is a stunning example of ancient architecture; Citadel, built around 1500 BC. Over the centuries, it was the main fortification for the locals. Construction continued and the Phoenicians, and by Roman times it was already a complex Acropolis. During a visit to the Citadel, you can walk along the ramparts, see the storage rooms and tunnels, and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding area.


Hippogay Hal-Saflieni in Paola is the only prehistoric underground temple in the world. Its halls, chambers and passages are carved in stone. Originally, it was a megalithic sanctuary, which eventually became a necropolis. The temple consists of three levels. The upper level, the middle level and the lower level. The deepest room of the lower level is at a depth of 10.6 meters. Only a limited number of visitors are allowed in the temple.

Beach Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is located on a tiny uninhabited island, located between the main islands of Malta and Gozo. There is only one hotel here, and the majority of holidaymakers come daily by speedboat to spend the whole day on the beach enjoying the beautiful views.


Mdina is an ancient fortress city. It is possible that its builders and the first inhabitants were Phoenicians around 700 BC. Higher fortifications were added first by the Arab rulers of Malta, and then by the Normans. After the Knights Hospitaller appeared in the mid-1500s, the importance of Mdina as a capital gradually disappeared. What was once the old capital of Malta became a quiet city. Today, most of the palaces, which belonged to the old aristocracy, are restored. But there are only 300 people left in the city.

Azure window

The azure window is a breathtaking arch of natural limestone with a flat top. A few years ago, it was one of Malta’s main attractions, but unfortunately, in 2017, as a result of a storm it collapsed. Today, the remains of the famous symbol of the country can be seen by diving enthusiasts.

St. John’s Cathedral in Valletta

St. John’s Cathedral, located in Malta’s capital Valletta, is recognized as an outstanding example of Baroque architecture. Its appearance is quite deceptive, as the cathedral is very similar to the fort. The interior is simply astonishing: it is decorated with priceless works of art. Here you can see Caravaggio’s masterpiece, The Beheading of St. John the Baptist. Once, long ago, the Knights defended Malta against Turkish looting, and then began the construction of Valletta and the Cathedral.

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